During these times when changes happen at a stunning speed, Astra Film Festival has remained a constant ever since 1993. Therefore, to put the festival on hold was out of the question. Documentaries are not about contemplation. Documentaries are just there. They are about life and about unembellished reality.

And here comes the year 2020, with a reality that is new for all of us. Social distancing and protection measures have become our daily routine. In the face of the COVID-19 challenge, our choice was to invent and re-invent the festival, so that our public is not presented with a restrictive edition; instead we propose a creative event that morphs the lovely city of Sibiu and the enchanting Astra Museum into miraculous cinema theatres.

We are pleased to welcome you to ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL OPEN AIR, between 4th and 13th September. Our screenings and events will take place in open air venues in the Astra Museum and the historic centre of Sibiu.