Looking Back @ DocTank AFF 2019

Astra Film Festival Awards 2019

The Awards of Astra Film Festival 2019 go to France, Belgium, Israel, Estonia and Romania! The winners of the 26th edition of Astra Film – Sibiu […]

Three days dedicated to professionals from the international film industry, at Astra Film Festival 2019

Astra Film – Sibiu International Film Festival 2019 is a revealing experience both for general audiences who are willing to explore new realities from the entire […]

Astra Film Festival 2019 continues with event-meetings, provocative documentaries and live music

After the opening night with sold-out screenings and an audience of thousands of people, Astra Film Festival 2019 continues until Sunday, 20 October, with a busy […]

The opening of the 26th edition of Astra Film Festival, celebrated with a full house, world-renowned guests and sold-out screenings

The 26th edition of the International Astra Film Festival had its opening on Monday, October 14, and from the very first day it seems that it […]

Astra Film Festival 2019 is about to begin: the celebration of the world will be held in Sibiu between 14 and 20 October

On Monday, October 14, the hustle and bustle will start in the historical center of Sibiu and it will last for 7 days during the 26th […]