DocumentaryTank@AFF, Astra Film Festival’s industry program, mirrors the ambitious mission of the festival to explore and understand the human condition through portrayals of culturally diverse contemporary societies and presents a favourable environment for a range of networking and project development opportunities. The industry program, which will take place between 17-19 October 2019, also includes talks, events, workshops and networking opportunities.

Astra Film: A Life in Documentaries

This year, Astra Film Festival is launching an exciting series of special live events that celebrates the art of documentary by exploring the work and philosophy of filmmakers who have made a major and distinctive contribution to the development of the form.

A Life in Documentaries: Peter Dale

The series opens with a very special guest, Peter Dale, one of the most important and respected figures in British documentary. As director and producer at the BBC, Head of Documentaries at Channel 4, creator and Head of digital channel More 4 and founder of independent production company Rare Day, Peter has unique and vast experience of all facets of documentary filmmaking. He has been a key player in the production of quality films in Britain over the past four decades and has supported and inspired generations of filmmakers. He is currently Head of Documentary at the world-renowned National Film and Television School (NFTS). Peter will discuss his prestigious career and storytelling philosophy with Bafta-nominated director Liviu Tipurita and will also take questions from the public. The event will be filmed and broadcast on AFF’s website.

Pitch your doc

with Katarzyna Szarecka and Adam Paplinski

A good pitch can get a film made, while a bad pitch can leave a project withering on a shelf. DocumentaryTank@AFF is pleased to partner with Pitch the Doc, an online pitching platform, for a workshop on how to present your project in order to maximize your chances of success. Participants in the workshop will be involved in the discussions, and will have the opportunity to talk about their own individual pitches, and pitch strategies with our experts. If you have a project you are working on, or if you are looking for some tips on how to best present and pitch your project, join the discussion!

Making your first documentary

A roundtable discussion between students and debut documentary filmmakers present with their films in the Astra Film Festival 2019 selection, this program will address good practices of documentary filmmaking as well as possible challenges and pitfalls of completing your first feature documentary. This dialogue will facilitate the sharing of experiences, regarding the possibilities for development, applying for workshops and grants, how to manage a project, and what to do once you have completed your film. Join us and share your own experience!

Creative Europe MEDIA: European development opportunities for documentary filmmakers

Valentina Miu, coordinator of Creative Europe – Media Romania will present European opportunities available for documentary filmmakers within the European Union, Creative Europe MEDIA program, focused especially on project development support. She will be joined by Irina Malcea, a producer with Luna Film, who will share her experience in applying for funding and producing successful projects, including the feature documentary Profu / Teach (dir. Alex Brendea) that will have its premiere at Astra Film Festival 2019.

From Script to Screen: best practices of documentary development

Even for experienced filmmakers, the development of a documentary film can prove to be an unpredictable and difficult journey. This panel discussion will detail some of the current conditions, opportunities and issues that European filmmakers face. Moderated by Brendan Culleton and including contributions from established industry professionals who will share from their experience in developing and producing documentaries, this forum will facilitate the dialogue between emerging and experienced filmmakers present.

Interface. Comunication between machines and humans

By Alles Schick

Sebastian Basti Jaensch and Alvaro Martin Treviño, are two multidisciplinary digital artists dedicated to the world of visual experiences and interactive environments. They are constantly working around new forms of visual atmosphere, interactive and audiovisual shows; always researching to expand the possibilities of audiovisual and integration in space as a new and suggestive vehicle of communication with the viewer. The common interest in aesthetics, communication, art, new forms of show and entertainment and the application of new technology to them, are the principles that drive their projects. With the aim of integrating visuals in the physical environment, they use different projection techniques adapted to each project and space. They will talk about how messages converse with the space in which they are exposed to be fully integrated into the architecture through digital techniques, which allows a total video adaptation of the three-dimensional space.

Meet the experts

DocumentaryTank@AFF guests are available for short individual meetings. An opportunity to receive personal advice and meet future partners. Meet the experts provides the opportunity to festival accredited guests for 10-minute meetings booked on site, on a first-come first-served basis.