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  • 30 years and 15 minutes

    Ștefan Mandachi • Romania • 2020 • 95′

    Thirty years after the fall of the communism, Romania is on the last place in Europe in terms of highway kilometers, but on the first place in the number of deaths in road accidents. In this documentary, politicians, journalists and accident victims try to answer a question: Who is to blame for the absence of highways in Romania?


  • Acasă, My Home

    Radu Ciorniciuc • Romania • 2020 • 85′

    For two decades, the Enache family – nine kids and their parents – lived in a shack in the wilderness of Bucharest Delta: an abandoned water reservoir, one of the biggest urban natural reservations in the world. When the authorities decide to claim back this rare urban ecosystem, the Enache family is evicted and forced to resettle in the city – a reality they know nothing about. What will their future bring?
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  • All the Rivers Flow into the Sea and the Sea Never Fills Up

    Claudiu Mitcu • Romania • 2020 • 50′

    An anthropological study on a small community in Sfântu Gheorghe, where choir singing is a tradition. We follow the women’s choir and we see how music becomes a red thread in the life of the community, present in times of happiness or sadness, from weddings and births to times of war.

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  • August 23, 1944/2019

    Andra Tarara, David Schwartz, Roland Ibold • Romania • 2020 • 80′

    On August 23rd, 1944, the fascist regime was taken down and Romania changed sides in World War II. 75 years later, inside a Jewish Retirement Home, four of the last survivors of racial persecutions reflect upon the personal and political significance of the event. The different attitudes of the protagonists, their passionate debates and irresolvable conflicts reflect the diversity of the Jewish survivors’ experiences, the cleavages in the community and the Romanian society as a whole, as well as the importance and controversy of the events in 1944.

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  • Battle of Social Networks

    David Fontseca Romanos • Spain • 2020 • 53′

    The Arab Spring, the Iranian protests or the Catalan referendum in October 2017 provide clear examples of the power of social media in today’s society, with thousands of images and videos of police attacks recorded by citizens going viral on various platforms. At the same time, a great deal of disinformation is spreading across the internet. If users don’t verify the source and start sharing misleading content, fake news cannot be distinguished from real news. Furthermore, politicians around the world are taking advantage of this situation and use these fake news to discredit the power of mass media. But how important are social networks for civic mobilization?


  • Between Realms

    Maria Cinar-Jiga • Romania • 2019 • 26′

    Poienile de sub Munte, Repedea and Ruşcova. These three settlements on the border of Romania with Ukraine have been the home for the largest community of Ukrainian ethnics in Romania, forever caught between two worlds, between two cultures, at one side of the border or another. The animal breeding has always been their main occupation since the earliest times of their presence here. Nowadays, young Motrea and her family struggle to keep alive a century-long tradition, despite various challenges.


  • Bugan – I Did Not Breathe the Air for Nothing

    Duco Tellegen • Romania • 2019 • 75′

    In March 1983, Ion Bugan left to Bucharest, in the middle of the night from his village in eastern Romania to Bucharest. After the 200 km-drive, he parked his car in the center of the capital. In the trunk he had hidden two placards that he had painted with anti-Ceauşescu messages. Ion mounted the placards on his car and started driving around. But his protest did not last long. As expected, a few meters later Ion was arrested. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison and from that momment on, Ion’s wife and children have been placed under the watchful eye of the Securitate.



  • Caught in the Net

    Vít Klusák, Barbora Chalupová • Czech Rep, Slovak Rep • 2020 • 100′

    Three actresses, ten days and 2,458 sexual predators. An experiment that shines an urgent light on the taboo subject of online child abuse. Three over-18 actresses with very young appearances pretend they are 12 on fake social media accounts. They chat with men of all ages who have contacted them online. The vast majority of these men demand video sex and send photos of their penises or links to porn. Some even attempt blackmail. And what will happen if they meet their victims face to face?
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  • Come Find Me

    Diana Nicolae, Noriflorentina Vito • Romania • 2019 • 80′

    After the collapse of the Communist regime in 1989, the world discovered more than 100,000 children living in Romanian orphanages. Many were not orphans, but the result of the country’s ban on abortion and contraceptives. These children often became victims of child trafficking or were neglected and abused in orphanages. Come Find Me tells the story of one of those children, Nori, as she travels from her adopted American home to find the family she lost almost 30 years prior.


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  • Crulic – The Path to Beyond

    Anca Damian • Poland, Romania • 2011 • 73′

    This animated documentary tells the real story of Claudiu Crulic, a 33-year-old Romanian who was arrested in Poland for an alleged theft and was sent to prison although it was later proved that he wasn’t even in Warsaw at the time of the theft. Abandoned by everyone, Crulic died following an extreme hunger strike, the prison doctor failing to acknowledge the severity of his medical condition

  • Death… full stop or comma?

    Călin Terțan, Corina Terțan • Romania • 2020 • 70′

    10 testimonies from people who have experienced the phenomenon of clinical death or the so-called NDE (near death experience). 10 stories about death and the return to life, analyzed by specialists in thanatology and neuroscience.



  • Eu Geniu Cioclea

    Gorgos Violeta • Moldavia • 2020 • 70′

    Without him, Romanian poetry would be like a piano missing some keys, this is how Eugen Cioclea was introduced at some point. The son of country teachers, he managed, in fortunate circumstances, to study mathematics at the prestigious Mikhail Lomonosov University in Moscow. Marrying the daughter of a senior secretary of the Communist Party will open many doors for him, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union he decides to return to Kishinev, where he becomes the most colorful name of the local community of writers. Here is his story.

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  • Everything Will Not Be Fine

    Adrian Pirvu, Helena Maksyom • Romania, Ukraine • 2020 • 97′

    *Unavailable on AFF Online* After ending a long-term relationship, a half-blind filmmaker born in 1986 and whose mother blames his illness on the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, leaves behind his life in Romania and travels to find other people who might have been affected by it. He falls in love with a young Ukrainian woman and his life takes an unforeseen turn.

  • Forget Me Not

    Sun Hee Engelstoft • Denmark • 2019 • 86′

    What makes a mother give away her baby? This is the big question in Sun Hee Engelstoft’s heartbreaking film about three Korean women who have become pregnant outside of marriage and are now hiding from the outside world until they give birth. They live in a shelter for unwed mothers on a South Korean island, where beautiful landscapes are in sharp contrast to the fierce dilemma that women go through: should they keep their children or give them up for adoption?
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  • Half Elf

    Jón Bjarki Magnússon • Iceland • 2020 • 62′

    A lighthouse keeper prepares his earthly funeral while trying to reconnect with the elf within. Hulda and Trausti have shared a roof on Icelandic shores for over seventy years. Now, as his one hundredth birthday nears and Trausti senses the hand of death upon him he is on a quest to find the coffin that can carry this elf back to the mysteries beyond…. Meanwhile, Hulda retreats into a world of poetry with the help of an electric magnifying glass. Half Elf is a modern Icelandic fairy-tale, where life is celebrated – despite everything, despite ourselves and despite the reality that awaits us all in the end.


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  • Happily Ever After

    Tatjana Bozic • Croatia, Netherlands • 2014 • 83′

    When filmmaker Tatjana Božić has for the umpteenth time found the love of her life and again things threaten to go terribly wrong, she decides to visit five exes in Moscow, Hamburg, London and Zagreb to find an answer to the question why all her love affairs always end on the rocks. With a good dose of selfmockery, but also with deeply felt passion, she unravels her past relationships and she confronts her exes and herself with the complexities of contemporary loving.

  • Holy Father

    Andrei Dăscălescu • Romania • 2020 • 85′

    The filmmaker, Andrei, and his girlfriend, Paula, face the news of becoming parents. While the future mother is struggling with no worthy role models in her broken family, the soon-to-be father must come to terms with his own, long-lost father, now a monk on Mount Athos. Andrei’s visits to the monastery seek to solve the mystery of his father’s leaving the family when Andrei was only six. Could this be the key to learning how to become the father he never had?


    Q&A Live with the film crew!
    Sunday, 25th of octomber, 19:30, you can participate in an online discussion with the director Andrei Dascalescu and protagonist Paula Niculescu.
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    The discussion will be live on the film’s Facebook page:

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  • House of Dolls

    Tudor Platon • Romania • 2020 • 80′

    *unavailable on AFF Online* An exploration of a special universe: the annual vacation of a bunch of 70-year-old ladies. Far from men and the madness of daily life, Cica, Nana and their friends isolate themselves voluntarily in a villa in the countryside. Together they blend joie de vivre and memories, melancholia and joyfulness, gossip and jokes. All that to keep up the illusion that time has not passed, that they are still the same beautiful and attractive girls they were 50 years ago.

  • iHuman

    Tonje Hessen Schei • Norway • 2019 • 99′

    A political thriller about artificial intelligence, power and social control. With unique deep access to the inside of the booming AI industry, this film shows how the most powerful and far-reaching technology of our time is changing our lives, our society and our future. We follow pioneers at the frontline of the invisible AI revolution to see how this technology is developped and implemented. Through some of the brightest minds in the industry, the film draws the roadmap to where we are going.

  • It Takes A Family

    Susanne Kovács • Denmark • 2019 • 60′

    Susanne Kovács is the grandchild of Jewish Holocaust survivors. Susanne’s German mother and her Danish Jewish father got married believing that the war was a closed chapter and that their different backgrounds would not affect their future together. But they were wrong. When Susanne is born, in the eyes of her Jewish grandparents she is a child of the enemy – a constant reminder of a painful past never reconciled within the family. Now, Susanne wants to break the silence. Is she at all allowed to dig into a family history that holds so many ghosts from the past? And maybe there is more than one truth?


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