Astra Film Lab Awards 2020


Don’t worry, Sari!

Sari Haragonics • Hungary

The pitch caught our attention because the project was well presented and has a lot of sensibility. We like the universality of it, the visual approach, the storytelling and  the way we empathize with the family. The ability to stay strong in the times of struggles it’s inspirational.

We give this award to show support to a project that has potential to bring positive changes in Sara’s family and in other families that will relate to this courageous and true story.

POST-PRODUCTION, offered by CineLab Romania

The Wedding Operation

Daniel Barnuti • Romania, Germany

Among the projects that were pitched here, one project stood out not only as a brave yet intimate story of interpersonal relationships, but also showed a clear indication that it will be completed on time to benefit the post-production services offered by Cinelab, and the award goes to “The Wedding Operation"


PROJECT BOOST, offered by Pitch the Doc

Lost and Found

Laurentiu Garofeanu • Romania, Canada

For professional and objective approach to the intimate topic of feeling torn between two realities and struggling to discover own identity, embedded in the context of emerging truth of the dark side of political transformation.