Tickets for ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2019 are on sale online,, in the national network of Humanitas bookstores and will be available at the AFF ticket offices starting Monday, October 14, at INFOPOINT PIAȚA MARE and at the THALIA ticket offices. Starting Tuesday, October 15, tickets are available at all AFF ticket offices.


Tickets for any film, from any venue, can be obtained in advance, online or from any AFF ticket offices. Prior to the start of the screenings, the tickets are purchased from the ticket offices of the respective venues. The owners of FULL PASS / DAY PASS / BADGE / INVITATIONS can secure their place in the room by making an online reservation on or at the AFF ticket offices. Reservations are not obligatory, but they are recommended to ensure the place in the venue. They expire 10 minutes before the screening begins.

Careful! Full/Day Pass tickets, invitations and accreditations are NOT valid for FULL DOME, VR and concerts.

Tickets for the screenings in the Astra Film Cinema 2 venue, which will take place before 4pm, can only be purchased in advance or from the INFO POINT.


Access to the DOM screenings is free, within the available places. Careful! The entry to the screening is allowed only to the holders of the free entry ticket.
Tickets with a value of 0 can be obtained online or at the ticket offices at INFOPOINT PIAȚA MARE. They expire 10 minutes before the screening begins. Priority will be given to those who hold a purchased ticket for any other screening at the festival.


VR and 360 degree projections from The Future Is Now Program can be viewed from Tuesday until Saturday from 3pm - 10pm and Sunday from 12pm - 4pm. The access is made on a programming basis and is allowed to those who attended one of the screenings of the festival program and have the respective ticket.


Normal Ticket – 1 screening* / 10 LEI
Reduced Ticket (students & seniors) / 7 LEI
Day Pass** / 25 LEI
Full Pass***/ 125 LEI
Full Pass early bird / 100 LEI (purchased until October 6 inclusive)

* As part of a screening you will have access to watching a single movie or a short film package, with the possibility of participating in certain special programs.
** Day access to all screnings. Does not include FULLDOME, VR and concert screenings.
*** Access to all film screenings. Does not include FULLDOME, VR and concert screenings, the industry program
The FULLDOME concert is for the public of the festival and is free, within the available places.
**** Access to the screenings marked with +18 years is allowed only on the basis of an identity document.


Thalia - Filarmonica de stat, str. Cetăţii, 3-5
Sala de sticlă - Filarmonica de stat, str. Cetăţii, 3-5
Cinema "Ion Besoiu” Sala Mare - str. Emil Cioran nr.1
Cinema "Ion Besoiu” Sala Mică - str. Emil Cioran nr.1
Gong - Teatrul pentru copii și tineret Gong, str. Alexandru Odobescu, nr. 4
Astra Film Cinema 1 - Piaţa Mică 11 (parter)
Astra Film Cinema 2 - Piaţa Mică 11 (etaj I)
FULLDOME & VR - Piața Mare

Ticket offices program:

INFOPOINT (Piața Mare) - Monday, October 14 - Sunday, October 20, 08:00 - 21:00
THALIA - Monday to Friday between 15:00 and 22:00; on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 until after the start of the last screening of the day.
"Ion Besoiu" Cinema - Monday to Sunday between 10:00-22:00
GONG Monday to Friday between 16:00 și 22:00; Saturday starting at 10.30, until after the last screening of the day begins.
ASTRA FILM CINEMA 1 - (also serves SALA ASTRA FILM CINEMA 2) Tuesday through Friday between 15:00 și 22:00; Saturdays and Sundays starting with 10.30, until after the last screening of the day begins.
HUMANITAS - from Monday to Friday starting 10:00 until 20:00

We reserve the right to make changes in the program, for updated information please see